Sr Ruby, Fr Nicholas, Ajay and his classmates.

Mission Together provides free Lent Materials each year. Our 2018 Lent Liturgy and Activity will be available to download below early December 2017, along with our Lenten Calendar which guides you through the season with a prayer, reflection or activity for each day of Lent.

Our 2018 Lent Liturgy references the true story of Ajay, a boy living on a tea estate in Sri Lanka, whose life is being changed with the support of Sister Ruby, a sister of Good Shepherd Congregation.

With the help of Mission Together, Sr Ruby is supplying children and families with nutrition packs and medical care. Using the Gospel story of the Good Shepherd our Lent resources teach pupils that God cares for all his children and that through their prayers and sharing, pupils can also make a difference to the lives of children living in poverty overseas.

Sr Ruby hands Ajay a health and nutrition pack.

Ajay and Sr Ruby are the subject of this year’s Mission Together campaign Together in Sri Lanka. Find out more about this campaign and related school and parish resources by visiting the Teacher’s Resources page.

All of our materials offer an engaging approach for your Easter preparations, complement all Catholic R.E. programmes and uphold Catholic Teaching. They are also mindful of requirements set out in The Common Inspection Framework.

Order your free paper copy of the Lent Liturgy from our materials order form and also receive our Summer Liturgy later in the year.

Download exclusive materials for your class!

Mission Together materials complement all Catholic RE programmes, uphold Catholic teaching, and are mindful of requirements within the Common Inspection Framework.

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