Sr Sonia, a missionary from Ecuador, working at a Mission Together Health Centre in Malawi

In this section of the site you can explore our archive, looking at the true stories of children and projects around the world that we have supported over the years.

Mission Together provides nutrition, education, medical care and shelter for children living in poverty. We support projects like schools, orphanages, street shelters, clinics and feeding programmes run by the Catholic Church in over 1,000 mission dioceses worldwide.

Mission Together works with local Parish communities, who request assistance for projects through their Bishop and make a local contribution, through practical help or financial assistance.

Each year, Mission Together focuses on a particular project in one country and provides free resources for primary schools in England and Wales, to inform them about that project and invite them to support it.

Find out about previous projects, these include a health clinic in Malawi, a feeding programme in the Phillipines, a shelter for orphans in Zambia, a blind school in India and an education centre in Cambodia.

Although we feature a different project in our materials each year, that does not mean that we no longer support previous projects.  Mission Together continues to provide support to hundreds of children’s projects around the world.  With your help we are changing lives and building a better future for children living in poverty.

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