A special day to honour Our Lady, at Sacred Heart School

Written by Missio’s Education Coordinator, Sheila Isaac

As the half term came to a close, children at the Sacred Heart school, Roehampton, celebrated the end of May – the month of Mary – in a very special way. The pupils and staff dressed up in the colours of the Mission Rosary – Green, Red, White, Blue and Yellow – and heard from Sheila Isaac, Mission Together’s Education Coordinator, how each colour represents one of the five continents in the world.

Sheila explained how the Rosary unites us to Mary and her son, Jesus, as we consider events in their lives and that the Mission Rosary is a special way to pray the Rosary. When children pray for children using the Mission Rosary, they join with other children around the world and discover that they belong to God’s worldwide family where everyone matters and no one is forgotten.

The children finished their morning by forming a heart shape in the playground with the statue of Our Lady in the centre. Some of the children led the whole school in the Mission Rosary and Mission Together’s Prayers for the Continents. The children beautifully sang and signed the Hail Mary as the statue of Our Lady was crowned with fresh flowers. What a wonderful way to end the morning.

Thank you to all the pupils at the Sacred Heart, Roehampton, for your joyful participation in the Assembly and Liturgy and to the school’s RE Coordinator, Mr Allday, for organising the day and for encouraging the pupils to be ‘children helping children’. We are very proud of you all.

Click here for more information about our Mission Rosary and other Marian Resources.

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