About Mission Together

Missio and Mission Together’s Red Boxes.

Mission Together is the children’s branch of Missio – the Catholic Church’s official children’s charity for overseas mission. For over 180 years, Mission Together (known internationally as Holy Childhood) has helped children around the world to grow in love of Christ and love of neighbour. In England and Wales, Mission Together’s aim is twofold: to support essential children’s projects in places of poverty and turmoil, and to support the mission of Catholic education through the creation of free catechetical classroom resources.

Supporting the mission of Catholic education.

All our school resources relay the teachings and practices of the Catholic faith in accessible and engaging ways. Listening to feedback from classroom practitioners and seeking advice from Religious Education leads, we craft Celebrations of the Word (Liturgical Prayers), assemblies, activities, worksheets and short films. Our resources support global learning, Catholic Social Teaching, and are informed by the Catholic Schools Inspection Framework, Religious Education Directory and Prayer and Liturgy Directory. View our short film below to find out about more.

Supporting mission overseas

Thanks to the prayers and donations of pupils in England and Wales, each year Mission Together supports around 20,000 children living in poverty and turmoil around the world – regardless of their background or belief. This support is provided through our funding of feeding programmes, educational provision, medical assistance, residential care, pastoral and spiritual care. In such ways we make God’s love known to everyone, everywhere. Watch the film below to find out more.

You make it possible!

Please continue to lend your support through prayer and where possible, through sharing what you can. If you’d like to find more ways to support Mission Together, find out ways to get involved here>>

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