An Extraordinary (MM) Podcast!

To mark the beginning of EMM and the 40th anniversary of St Francis Primary School, Nailsea, pupils met with their Bishop, Declan Lang, to find out more about the mission Jesus left us – to share God’s love in the world – and explore EMM’s tagline Baptised and Sent.

Bishop Lang explained to the children that ‘To be baptised means to belong to a family that shares its life with other people, especially people throughout the world who are our brothers and sisters.’ When pupils asked about ways they could take part in EMM, Bishop Lang encouraged them to ‘get to know Jesus through prayer’. He then explained how ‘Prayer turns into activity’, and is expressed through the care we show one another.

This special conversation followed a mission inspired liturgy to celebrate the school’s anniversary and to launch the Extraordinary Month of Mission. Prayers were read in different languages to reflect both the diversity of the school community and the diversity of the church as a whole.

We’d like to thank St Francis Primary, for shining a spotlight on EMM during their special day and for sharing with us a podcast of the conversation between their pupils and Bishop Declan. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

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