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Blackpool’s Little Lights

Here at Mission Together we are always delighted to hear about new supporters. So when Sr Margaret Ochigbo HHCJ, contacted us to tell us about the efforts of Holy Family Primary, Blackpool, we couldn’t wait to share the good news.

Sr Margaret introduced Mission Together to Holy Family School in Autumn 2018, initially through the use of the Mission Rosary. Since then, the school community have started a Mission Together Club and have chosen to fundraise for our projects during Lent 2019.

Sr Margaret (pictured with pupils) has worked with the school Community, to devise an impressive Lenten fundraising plan of action, including a Soup Lunch, Grandparents Day, and Book Sale. As a missionary herself, Sr Margaret was familiar with Mission Together and its role in providing spiritual and practical relief to places of poverty and turmoil.

Through her many years teaching in schools in her native Nigeria and now in the UK through her pastoral ministry in parishes and schools, Sr Margaret has seen first-hand the powerful results of ‘children helping children’ through sharing and prayer. Sr Margaret told us. “I have established Mission Together in all the schools and parishes where I had worked.”

“The idea of children helping children appeals to me, as a religious sister and educationist.”

She continued. “My experience in Holy Family School has been wonderful, the headteacher, staff and pupils are amazing, and when I threw the idea of starting Mission Together, as part of their existing work in upholding the Catholic ethos and practices, they accepted it willingly.”

As the Catholic Church’s official children’s charity for overseas mission, Mission Together unites children in a unique exchange of faith, friendship, and solidarity. With participating schools in every continent, pupils are encouraged to pray for and share with other children in need of support, whatever their background or belief. In this special way God’s light and love are shared around the world.

Mission Together is the children’s branch of Missio. To find out more about our work visit missiontogether.org.uk. You can also download our 2019 Lent resources here. Order classroom materials and contact us to arrange an assembly.


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