Advent resources

The season of Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas and is a time of prayerful preparation. During Advent we recall the Israelites’ long wait for the Messiah’s birth and remember that Jesus was born into the world and will come again.

Each year Mission Together produce engaging resources to help children keep Jesus at the heart of this exciting season. Our resources are free to download and include scripture, prayer, craft activities and a call to action.

Please visit our Sing with Mission Together webpage for a selection of carols and our popular Advent hymn written especially for Mission Together.

Click here to view our new digital Advent calendar.

Advent Calendar 2023
Advent Calendar (771 downloads)
Celebration of the Word for each week of Advent
Advent week one - notes (1035 downloads) Advent week one - slides (475 downloads) Advent week two - notes (265 downloads) Advent week two - slides (205 downloads) Advent week three - notes (205 downloads) Advent week three - slides (179 downloads)
NEW: Preparing for Christmas around the world – assembly
NEW: Preparing for Christmas around the world - assembly notes (316 downloads) NEW: Preparing for Christmas around the world - assembly slides (204 downloads)
Christmas Crib Blessing – includes rhyme and drama (KS2)
Christmas-Crib-Liturgy-Blessing.pdf (5658 downloads)
Nursery Rhyme Nativity (EYFS)
Nursery Rhyme Nativity script (2203 downloads) Nursery Rhyme Nativity slides (2333 downloads)
REVISED: Nursery Rhyme Nativity with music
Craft Activities for Advent
Advent-Activity-Jesse-Tree.pdf (3735 downloads) Craft-Activity-Handy-Advent-Wreath.pdf (3348 downloads) Advent-Activity-The-Crier-Newspaper.pdf (2894 downloads) Craft-Activity-Star-of-Hope.pdf (3770 downloads) Craft-Activity-Stay-Awake-Lanterns.pdf (4174 downloads) Craft-Activity-A-Gift-for-the-World-1.pdf (3077 downloads) Craft-Activity-Peace-Paperchain.pdf (4089 downloads) Craft-Activity-Joyful-Angels.pdf (4025 downloads) Craft-Activity-Christmas-Card.pdf (3811 downloads) Craft-Activity-Christmas-Stocking.pdf (3468 downloads)
Advent Carol – We are Waiting

Listen and learn our catchy, specially commissioned Advent carol. Containing references to scriptural prophecies and a real sense of hope, joy and expectation!

We are waiting - sheet music (29 downloads) We are waiting - Lyrics (61 downloads)
We are waiting – sung demo with lyrics
We are waiting – instrumental with lyrics
Comprehension tasks
The Annunciation - Comprehension task (1642 downloads) The Visitation - Comprehension task (1546 downloads) The Magnificat - Comprehension task (1555 downloads)