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Lent Through a Lens photo competition.

Lent lasts a period of forty days, echoing the period of time Jesus spent in the desert preparing for his public ministry.

During Lent, Christians devote more time to prayer, charity, and sacrifice as they prepare for the greatest feast in the Church year, Easter – when Jesus rose from the dead.

Our Lent liturgies, activities, and popular classroom calendar highlight each Sunday’s Gospel reading and invite children to reflect on Jesus’ words and actions. Click here to view our Holy Week and Easter resources.

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New – Easter Liturgical Prayer

Easter Liturgical Prayer

Accompanying slides

Activities for Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week and Easter Activities EYFS and KS1 (zip file)

Holy Week and Easter Activities KS2 (zip file)

Lent Calendar

Lent Classroom Calendar

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross Reflections for Primary PowerPoint

Stations of the Cross Primary accompanying notes

Pupil liturgies for each week of Lent 2022

Third Week of Lent Liturgical Prayer

Fourth Week of Lent Liturgical Prayer

Fifth Week of Lent Liturgical Prayer

PDF Workbooks for Lent (suitable for online platforms)

Why did Jesus spend 40 days in the desert?

Why is Lent a time to change?

Why do we pray more during Lent?

Why do we give more in Lent?

Why is Holy Week Special?

Activities for Lent

Lent Quest outside activity

Lent Through a Lens photo competition

Charity Chore Fundraiser

Listen to Him

Signs of Hope

Encouraging Envelopes

Prayer Pebbles