Mission Month

In the Catholic Church, October has long been associated with mission. Pope Francis reaffirmed this by designating October 2019 an Extraordinary Month of Mission. Its aim was to encourage all members of our Catholic communities to recognise themselves as missionary disciples; working and praying together to share God’s love with everyone, everywhere.

Children rallied to the call and inspired by their efforts, this year we’re encouraging schools to participate in Mission Month ’21. We recommend this takes place in October, as the Church has established feasts which reinforce mission themes, but feel free to designate a better time for your school community.

Mission Month Classroom Calendar

Mission-Month-Calendar.pdf (158 downloads)

Mission Month Assembly (What is mission?)

What-is-mission-Assembly-Notes.pdf (103 downloads) What-is-mission-Assembly-Slides.pptx (113 downloads)

Mission Month Liturgical Prayer (Collective Worship)

Mission-Month-Liturgical-Prayer.pdf (37 downloads)

Mission Month Sunday Activity Sheets

Mission-Month-Sunday-Activity-Sheets.zip (248 downloads) My-Mission-Activity-Poster.pdf (108 downloads) Our-Mission-Activity-Poster.pdf (84 downloads)

Mission Month Prayer Resources

Prayers-for-our-Continents-.pdf (1168 downloads) How-to-pray-the-Rosary.pdf (1834 downloads)

Click here to access our child-led rosary films

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This-is-our-Mission-music-lyrics.pdf (74 downloads) One-Mind-One-Heart-Music-Lyrics.pdf (84 downloads)

Click here to view Sing-a-long mission hymns and songs

Faith-in-Action-sessions-We-belong-to-the-family-of-God.pdf (605 downloads)

Additional Assemblies

St-Therese-of-Lisieux-Five-Fact-assembly-slides.pptx (1232 downloads) St-Therese-of-Lisieux-Five-Fact-assembly-notes.pdf (1026 downloads) St-John-Henry-Newman-Five-Fact-Assembly-slides-.pptx (548 downloads) St-John-Henry-Newman-Five-Fact-Assembly-notes-.pdf (371 downloads) St-Peter-and-the-Universal-Church-Assembly-notes.pdf (521 downloads) St-Peter-and-the-Universal-Church-Assembly-slides.pptx (721 downloads) St-Francis-Xavier-Five-Fact-Assembly-Slides.pptx (318 downloads) St-Francis-Xavier-Five-Fact-Assembly-Notes.pdf (299 downloads) St-Paul-the-Apostle-Five-Fact-assembly-slides.pptx (683 downloads) St-Paul-the-Apostle-Five-Fact-assembly-notes.pdf (457 downloads) Children-helping-Children-Assembly-notes.pdf (69 downloads) Children-helping-Children-Assembly-slides.pptx (733 downloads)