Ascension and Pentecost

The Ascension and Pentecost are movable feasts, occurring between May and June. These feasts commemorate Jesus’ ascension to heaven forty days after his resurrection, and the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles ten days later. Through our Ascension and Pentecost resources children discover more about these important feasts and how they share in the mission Jesus gave to the Apostles at his Ascension, a mission enabled through the decent of the Spirit at Pentecost, to go out and share the Good News of Christ with the world.

Ascension Liturgical Prayer
Ascension Liturgical Prayer notes (814 downloads) Ascension Liturgical Prayer slides (368 downloads)
Ascension Activity
Ascension Comprehension Activity (702 downloads)
Pentecost Liturgical Prayers
Pentecost Liturgical Prayer notes (675 downloads) Pentecost Liturgical Prayer slides (650 downloads)
Pentecost Assembly KS1
Pentecost Assembly KS1 notes (1376 downloads) Pentecost Assembly KS1 slides (923 downloads)
Pentecost Workbook
What-is-Pentecost.pdf (1679 downloads)

Pentecost Activities
Holy Spirit Spinners (676 downloads) Pentecost birthday cards (618 downloads)
Pentecost Classroom Ideas
Pentecost Classroom Ideas (1117 downloads)
Games from around the world
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