Our Pentecost resources help children celebrate the birthday of the Church. Through these resources children learn that the Church is not just a building made with bricks but a community made up of billions of people around the world, all children of our heavenly Father and all trying to share God’s love as Jesus taught.

Pentecost Liturgical Prayers

Pentecost Liturgical Prayer (79 downloads) Pentecost Liturgical Prayer slides (44 downloads)

Pentecost Assembly KS1

Pentecost Assembly KS1 notes (0 downloads) Pentecost Assembly KS1 slides (0 downloads)

Pentecost Workbook

What-is-Pentecost.pdf (372 downloads)

Pentecost Classroom Ideas

Pentecost Classroom Ideas (66 downloads)

Games from around the world

Games-from-around-the-world.pdf (409 downloads)