Together in Jordan

Sandra and mum Hadeel, a school volunteer. All images on this page ©Missio\TLouapre

When Sandra and her family fled Iraq they arrived in Jordan with nothing. Traumatised after years of living with conflict and violence they had nowhere and nobody to turn to. The local Catholic community in Marka – a poor suburb in Jordan’s capital – made it their mission to help. They found the family somewhere safe to stay and made a place for Sandra at their school.

Established by Fr Khalil, Marka’s parish priest, the school provides refugee children with a free education, pastoral care and spiritual formation.

Fr Khalil encourages refugee parents to volunteer at the school, which provides them with a welcome sense of purpose and belonging.

Father Khalil needs your help to look after children like Sandra. By working together we can provide the children with books, stationery, a daily snack and drink.

  • Can your pupils say the Mission Together Prayer for refugee children like Sandra each day this term?
  • Can your class raise enough to pay for a set of school books for one class at Marka School for Refugees?

Your pupils can find out more about Sandra’s story, explore a map of the Holy Land, complete fun quizzes in our resources below

Together in Jordan resources

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