Together in Malawi (1)

Harry and Alex live in a small village in Malawi called Lisanjala. As babies they both contracted malaria. At the time Lisanjala didn’t have a doctor or clinic, so their mothers were forced to make gruelling journeys to get medical help. When Sister Sonia arrived in Lisanjala in 2013, she knew things needed to change.

Sister Sonia spoke to the villagers who told her that a clinic would help save children’s lives. With help from Mission Together, a clinic was built. Sister Sonia also started a feeding programme and organised the building of a water tower to help keep the children healthy.

The Lisanjala village clinic is a wonderful success story, and nobody in the village has died from malaria since it was built, but there are thousands of other children around the world who still have no accessible healthcare and who don’t have the nutrition they need to fight these kind of diseases. With your help, Mission Together is working to change that.

  • Can your pupils say the Mission Together Prayer for children like Harry and Alex each day this term?
  • Can your class raise enough to help keep the children at Lisanjala grow healthy and happy?

Your pupils can find out more about Harry’s story, explore a map of Malawi, complete fun quizzes in our resources below.

Together in Malawi resources

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