Together in Malawi

Moses* and his teacher, Patricia. *Name changed.

Every year Mission Together produce an assembly focusing on one of our children’s projects overseas. The assembly enables pupils in England and Wales to discover more about the children supported by the project and the world in which they live. This year we’re getting to know Moses who attends the Mua School for the Deaf in Malawi.

As there are only six schools for the deaf in Malawi (in England there are 22), children travel many miles to secure a valued place. With a country lacking transport infrastructure, the distances are too great to travel daily and so Mua School has a boarding house to accommodate its 170 pupils. Mua School was built by the Catholic Church and though now state run, the Church still oversees aspects of school life. One aspect is the residential care of the pupils, undertaken by a small community of Religious Sisters.

The Sisters ensure the pupils physical, spiritual, and medical needs are met. For this they asked our help. Thanks to the prayer and sharing of children here in the UK, the Sisters were able to continue caring for the pupils of Mua School. Watch the short film below to see how.

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Together in Malawi Resources

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