Together in Myanmar

Internal conflict, inadequate infrastructure and exploitation of its natural resources have made Myanmar one of Asia’s poorest countries. State education is free but standards are poor, schools under-equipped and classroom facilities inferior.

Since the nationalisation of mission schools in the early 1960s and the ban on Catholic education services, the Church has been running boarding houses in parishes in remote areas to support the poorest and most vulnerable children who must study in state-run schools, far from home.

The boarding houses offer a safe and nurturing ‘home away from home’, provide food and basic care for the children, supplement their learning, provide uniforms, school equipment and motivate the children to continue their studies. Without the houses, pupils risk joining the thousands of children who drop out of education to join an army of under-age workers destined for a life of poverty and missed opportunity.

This year’s Together in campaign focuses on Nu Moe, a resident at one of the many boarding houses supported by Mission Together.

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