Together in Sri Lanka

Children at the plantation school open their health care packs.

Ajay and his family were born on a tea estate in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Life there is basic. Families are crammed into homes which cannot cope with frequent heavy rains and the long monsoon season. Flooding is common. In addition, individual homes have no access to clean running water, instead neighbours share an outside water tap and toilet.

With support from Mission Together, Sr Ruby brings nutrition and healthcare packs to the children and arranges for doctors and dentists to run clinics on the estate. This enables Ajay to grow strong and healthy, meaning he and the other children can attend school regularly and are provided with an alternative future to that of their parents.

  • Can your pupils say the Mission Together Prayer for children like Ajay each day this term?
  • Can your class raise enough to help Sr Ruby look after the children’s health and well-being?

Your pupils can find out more about Ajay’s story, explore a map of Sri Lanka, and complete fun quizzes in our resources below

Together in Sri Lanka resources

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