Together in the Philippines

Every year Mission Together produces an assembly focusing on one of our projects overseas and those it supports. This year we’re getting to know children from the Badjao tribe and the help they receive at Nano Nagle Education Centre.

An ancient tribe with modern challenges

The Badjao are an ancient people who, for centuries, lived entirely on the sea. In recent years, pollution of the waters made their way of life untenable, and so the Badjao settled on land. There, challenges have continued, as the tribe struggle to make a living and face huge discrimination, even when accessing basic social services.

A helping hand

Thankfully, in 1997 a Missionary Sister from Ireland encountered the Badjao and began to work with the community to better their situation. Since then, the Badjao, with help from Sr Evelyn (PBVM) and her fellow Sisters, have established a health centre, community outreach programmes, and the Nano Nagle Education Centre.

Hope through learning

The Education Centre provides free nursery places for Badajo children and after school educational support for children up to the age of 18. Every week, around 300 children receive help through supplementary tuition and the use of the centre facilities.

Will you help us?

Our Together in the Philippines campaign asks pupils in England and Wales to pray for the children who attend the Centre and share what they can to help pay for the wage of one of the Centre’s teachers. We hope you can join us in this mission.

Together in the Philippines Resources

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