Following in the footsteps of St Thérèse of Lisieux

Pupils at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Hertford in the Archdiocese of Westminster became Mission Together children for the first time this year. Inspired by a talk at her local parish church about the work of missionaries, their teacher, Mrs Landers, encouraged the children to become mini missionaries by praying for children living in poverty overseas and by putting coins into their little red boxes.

Sheila Isaac from Missio, explained to the children that their actions are special because they are helping Pope Francis’ own children’s charity for overseas mission. Not only that, they are following in the footsteps of St Thérèse of Lisieux, who was a member of Mission Together (then known as Holy Childhood) when she was a little girl. This news was especially exciting for the children in Year 2, whose classroom is named after St Thérèse, patroness of the missions. Well done St Joseph’s, you have become ‘children helping children’.

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Thia’s special fundraising efforts

Following Fr Tony Grace’s Mission Together presentation at St Gabriel’s Primary School, Alsger, class one pupil Thia was so moved she decided she wanted to do something.  Thia had heard Fr Tony speak about our current Sri Lanka campaign and didn’t feel it was fair that she had lots of things that other children did not. So she spoke to her mum about ways she might be able to raise money. They talked about sponsorships and about people doing things that they might not normally do and raising money by doing them.

Thia decided that making breakfast for her family and also helping the school cleaner, Diane, to clean the classrooms after school for two weeks would be a kind thing to do and something that would require extra effort. Thia’s family agreed to sponsor her and a few of the staff at school who noticed what Thia was doing, also decided to sponsor her. Diane very kindly took the time and effort to designate little tasks to Thia and was so impressed with her efforts that Diane decided to sponsor Thia too. At the end of her two weeks, Thia raised £19 for Mission Together and also added a personal contribution.  Her mum remarked;

‘This was such a valuable little experience for Thia, having a goal to raise money made her feel happy. She did something that she wouldn’t normally choose to do and did it day after day for two weeks, in the hope that she was helping others. Thia really hoped her money might help other children like her enjoy school too.’

Thia and her mum would like to thank Diane for giving her the chance to explore what it’s like to fundraise and for all who supported Thia in her efforts. Mission Together would like to echo this and send special thanks to Thia, for providing a wonderful example of the good that happens through ‘children helping children.’

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Children in Clifton Diocese Become ‘Children Helping Children’

Mission Together was invited to join this year’s Summer Camp in Clifton Diocese. A week of fun activities, games and prayer encouraged the children to think about what it means to be a Catholic today.

The children heard that as members of a universal Church spread across the world we all have a part to play to bring God’s love to everyone. Through Mission Together, children can join in friendship and prayer with other children and be messengers of God’s love, peace and hope to children both near and far. In this unique exchange of prayer and sharing that crosses boundaries, cultures and beliefs children become ‘children helping children’.

Thank you to the children of Clifton Diocese for your prayers, thoughtfulness and participation- you really are ‘children helping children.’

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