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Together this Lent, ‘Let’s Play Cricket.’

Ajay is a cricket loving ten year old boy who lives in Sri Lanka. He and his family live on one of country’s many tea plantations. Life on the plantation is hard; the majority of workers live in poverty. Housing is inadequate, there is no running water, neighbours share an outside tap and toilet. Sickness is common, but there is no health centre on the estate and the nearest hospital is far away in town.

Thanks to support from Missio’s children’s branch, Mission Together, Sister Ruby (R.G.S.) brings nutrition and healthcare packs to the children and arranges for doctors and dentists to run clinics on the estate. The help Mission Together provides means Ajay and his friends can attend school regularly and enjoy playing their favourite game together – CRICKET!

Inspired by Ajay’s love of cricket, this year we are asking schools and parishes to arrange a sponsored cricket match to raise money for children like Ajay and his friends so that missionaries like Sister Ruby can continue to bring hope and health to the children living in poverty on the tea estates of Sri Lanka. Visit our Lent page to find out how you can get involved.

Each year Mission Together focuses attention on one of its many world-wide projects. Our 2018 Together in Sri Lanka campaign tells the true story of Ajay and Sr Ruby. Find out more and view resources on our Teacher’s Resources page



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