Together in India

Ashi, aged 6

Together we see a better future

Vijaya Mary Integrated School for the Blind was the focus for our work in 2012-2013. We shared the story of Ashi (pictured) and Santhosh, two friends whose lives have been changed by this special place.

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Along with the majority of the pupils here, Ashi is blind and would probably not have received any form of education without the Franciscan sisters who run this school.

Sadly, disabilities are often hidden or even ridiculed. Vijaya Mary School provides a solid educational foundation for children whose futures would once have appeared hopeless. More than that, with their loving care, the sisters give these children a sense of pride and the strength to face the world with confidence.

Learning to read Braille

Like the Franciscan sisters here, there are many missionaries working around the world with disabled and disadvantaged children. Most need specialist equipment to care for these children. This is where Mission Together can help.

Although the focus for this year’s materials is on another country, children’s projects in India are still being supported by Mission Together.  Please continue to pray and fundraise to support this life-giving work, helping children around the world.


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