A special school day with Mission Together!

Year 6 pupils helped to lead creative prayer sessions.

On Friday 21 June, Holy Spirit Primary School held their first Spirituality Day: a day of reflection and prayer in which the students explored and supported Mission Together, the children’s branch of Missio. The Year 6 students led the entire school through a series of prayer stations, in a day that was truly memorable for everyone.

“It couldn’t have gone any better,” says Deputy Head Sinead Walsh. “Our school was filled and blessed with the Holy Spirit. Year 6, as our spirituality leaders were just incredible, living out their faith and sharing this with the whole school. We were so proud of each and every one of them.”

“Mission Together has meant so much to all of our school community this year; we wanted it to be part of the day.”

The theme for the day was ‘Prayer is thinking with God beside you’. Sinead told Mission Together. “The Holy Spirit was certainly beside us all, empowering Year 6 as they prayed creatively with the whole school.”

There were eight prayer stations all around the school’s faith garden, eco garden and outdoor prayer shed. Here are some of the highlights:

Prayer station 1 had a Sleeping St. Joseph statue. The idea was to‘give your worries to St.Joseph and then blow them away with a bubble’.

At prayer station 2, the children used a world map, to pray the Mission Together prayer. They put post-it notes on a country of their choice; praying for all of the children in that place. They also used the Mission Together rosary beads at this station.

Inside the prayer shed was prayer station 3, which was themed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.The children asked the Holy Spirit to guide them in their day and they then prayed the Mission together prayer with sign language.

At prayer station 4, the children blessed each other and then prayed blessings for each other. They heard that God blesses us so that we can bless others. “Year 6 certainly blessed everyone with their faith on Friday,” says Sinead.

Prayer station 5 was themed ‘God knows us all by our names’. Each child thanked God for knowing us all. They all designed a prayer pebble with colour and their name, then added them together to make a huge heart outdoors.

Thank you, Holy Spirit!

Mission Together would like to say a huge “thank you” to all the children and staff at Holy Spirit School for such an inspiring and creative example of living mission. You really lived out your school’s mission statement:

With Christ as our inspiration,
Our love of one another,
Love of learning
And love of life itself
We will soar to new heights.

We know you will continue to do just that.

Article written by Claud Fulwood.



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