Lesson plan ideas

Welcome to our new lesson plan ideas webpage. The resources on this page will be based on themes and topics related to mission and found within the Religious Education Directory. 

Follow this link to view films, including our selection of Catholic Social Teaching films.

The Parish Family KS1

Our Parish Family lesson resources help pupils to see how children around the world, who worship with their local Parish family, are part of God’s Global Church family too. This resource also explains the different roles undertaken by people within the Parish family and also outlines the structure of the Mass.

The Parish family lesson plan ideas KS1 (916 downloads ) The Parish family slides KS1 (179 downloads ) The Parish Family picture cards and words (191 downloads )

Making the sign of the cross

Watch children from Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia as they show us how to make the sign of the cross.

Vocation to Holy Orders KS2

Download our Vocation lesson ideas, exploring the concept of vocation and the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

Vocation to Holy Orders lesson ideas (151 downloads )
Vocations films

The following films are divided into segments. As the films are long, we recommend viewing the segments in parts, rather than showing the films as a whole.