Little Red Box Scheme

For almost 200 years, Missio has been providing overseas missionaries with the support they need to build and sustain faith communities in areas of poverty and conflict. Our famous Red Box encourages Catholic families in England and Wales to give what they can to help these communities materially and spiritually.

As the children’s branch of Missio, Mission Together invites children to help children around the world by fundraising and giving to the Little Red Box – our very own Red Box for children. Money raised through the Little Red Box is used solely to support Missio’s overseas children’s projects. You can use the Little Red Box at home, in a parish group or as a class. It’s up to you!

Join our Little Red Box Scheme!

In just 3 easy steps you can be part of the Little Red Box family:

  1. Order your Little Red Box by contacting us here>>
  2. Start filling your box! Find our fundraising suggestions here>>
  3. Collect your donations and send or deliver to Mission Together>>

Our mission is funded entirely by the generosity of our donors. A huge thank you to you and your children for participating in the little Red Box scheme!