Look at what you helped achieve

As the summer fast approaches, we wanted to thank teachers and school staff for supporting Mission Together during another demanding academic year; whether that’s through prayer, fundraising, using our materials, or on social media. As you near a well-deserved break (Alleluia!), below are snapshots of what you helped achieve in 2021-22.

You’ve been there for children in need.

Around 20,000 children living in poverty overseas are supported each year thanks to your donations to Mission Together. Thank you for helping to provide these children with practical help and pastoral care: through educational opportunities, feeding programs, safe places to live, vocational training, health provision, and more. 

Pre-school provision in Cambodia

You’ve nurtured faith at home.

You’ve encouraged your pupils to pray with our mission rosary and through our liturgical prayers. You’ve guided pupils through Church seasons and feasts with our daily calendars, craft activities, and assemblies. You’ve shared our classroom resources on social media to help support the faith life of children across the country. We’re very grateful for all of this. Your endorsement of our materials is a huge help.

Learning with our Five Fact Assemblies in Birmingham

You’ve shared your faith and creativity.

Thank you for supporting our seasonal campaigns, Lent through a Lens and Sing with Mission Together. It was a joy to share films of your pupils caroling, and their impressive photographs of Lenten symbols across our social media platforms. These campaigns help us to relay the Good News and raise the profile of Catholic Education in our country and beyond. 

Singing Carols for Mission Together in the Midlands

You helped us share God’s rainbow covenant!

Thank you for joining in our annual Day of Many Colours – a day to celebrate our place within God’s global family. Many of you shared news of special #DOMC prayer times, learning activities, fun celebrations, and fundraising efforts. By doing so you reinforce the message that our mission, together, is to live in global solidarity as children of God.

Celebrating DOMC in Durham

You deserve a blessed summer break! From all at Mission Together & Missio, we hope you enjoy a wonderful summer break. See you In September!

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