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Inspired by her status as loving mother and model for missionaries, Mission Together have created a series of Marian resources. These resources will enable children to deepen their appreciation of Mary and learn how she will help them become missionaries of God’s love too.

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Pope Francis has frequently stated that Mary, the mother of God, is a model for missionaries everywhere. Not only because Mary delivered Christ into the world, but also because she reaches outside herself to serve, and reveals to us the need for prayer.

Our parent charity, Missio, has also created a Marian resource for secondary schools; ‘Mary Model of Missionaries can be found at

Pope Francis also emphasises Mary’s place as the mother of God, and thus the mother of us all. He encourages children and young people, to take their concerns to Mary and make of her a trusted and compassionate advocate who can lead them closer to her son, Jesus.

Like Mary, may all of you be gentle but courageous in bringing Jesus and his love to others. I urge you: be brave, be generous and, above all, be joyful!

Pope Francis’ address to children and young people, Yangon


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Mission Together materials complement all Catholic RE programmes, uphold Catholic teaching, and are mindful of requirements within the Common Inspection Framework.

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