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Fr Henry, National Director of Missio in Malawi, facilitates various Mission Together projects.

With the help of children fundraising in England and Wales, Mission Together is able to provide nutrition, education, medical care and shelter for children living in poverty. We support projects like schools, orphanages, street shelters, clinics and feeding programmes run by the Catholic Church in 159 countries. That’s over 1,000 mission dioceses worldwide!

Using the Church’s network makes Mission Together effective, far-reaching and secure. Aid is given where it is needed most and local needs are decided on a local level. With Mission Together’s support, local communities overseas take ownership of their project and ultimately become self-sustaining.

Mission Together does a great deal of humanitarian work but our purpose is more than humanitarian aid or development. It is missionary; supporting the spiritual as well as physical wellbeing of children. Overseas we are often known by our original name Holy Childhood.

Holy Childhood groups, Sri Lanka, joining together for a special mass and rally.

Holy Childhood clubs exist throughout the world and provide a safe place for children to gather and celebrate their faith. This simple concept can offer children the hope they need to get through each day, often in areas where they are alone, vulnerable, or persecuted.

Being universal in character, Mission Together projects tend to the needs of all, regardless of background or beliefs; exemplifying the all-embracing nature of the Catholic Church.

Find out about previous Together in… projects, these include a health clinic in Malawi, a feeding programme in the Phillipines, a school for the visually impaired in India and an education centre in Cambodia.

Although we feature a different project in our materials each year, that does not mean that we no longer support previous projects.  Mission Together continues to provide support to hundreds of children’s projects around the world.  

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