Prayer Resources

Mission Together encourages children to help children through prayer and sharing. This unique exchange of faith and friendship helps children across the world discover that we all belong to the family of God. To encourage children to pray, we have created these resources. We hope you find them useful and would value your thoughts and ideas, to share good practice across our schools.

Lord's Prayer Poster (9721 downloads ) Hail Mary Poster (10793 downloads ) Mission Together Prayer Poster (2997 downloads )

Follow this link to order double-sided Lord’s Prayer/Hail Mary printed posters.

REVISED: Five Finger Examen (60 downloads ) NEW: Traditional Catholic Prayers (PLD) KS2 (162 downloads ) NEW: Traditional Catholic Prayers (PLD) KS1 (212 downloads ) Values & Virtues Prayers (712 downloads ) Catholic Social Teaching Prayers (1903 downloads ) A Prayer for Peace (670 downloads ) REVISED: Celebration of the Word Pupil Planner (745 downloads ) Prayers for a new school year (12798 downloads ) Mission-Together-Children's-Prayers-pdf (1750 downloads ) How-to-pray-with-children-a-brief-guide.pdf (12383 downloads ) Write-your-own-prayer.pdf (13639 downloads ) Five-Finger-Prayer-pupil-reflection-page.pdf (13869 downloads ) Five-Finger-Prayer.pdf (14732 downloads ) Colour-the-Mission-Together-Prayer.pdf (13353 downloads ) Prayers for our Continents (757 downloads ) Pray-with-Our-Lady-KS1-Activity-Sheet.pdf (13267 downloads ) Stations of the Cross Reflections PowerPoint (10870 downloads ) How to pray the Rosary (12072 downloads ) Faith-in-Action-sessions-We-belong-to-the-family-of-God.pdf (4697 downloads )

To access our multilingual rosary decade page please click here.

To access simple sing-a-long Marian hymns please click here.