Argentina is a country in the continent of South America and is the eighth largest country in the world! As it is so big, Argentina is home to many different animals. On the south coast there are penguins, elephant seals, and sea lions. Sharks, orcas whales, and dolphins also swim in the waters off the Atlantic coast. The north of Argentina is home to flamingos, toucans, turtles, tortoises, and crocodiles. There are also many large cats such as cougars, jaguars and the ocelot.

Football is Argentina’s favourite sport, and the country has produced some of the world’s most famous players. Argentina is also famous for inventing a style of dance called the Tango. The children in the film below may not be dancing the Tango, but see how much they enjoy dancing to this hymn. The children belong to a Holy Childhood club. In Britain Holy Childhood is known as Mission Together. One member wanted to tell you about being part of this club.

‘My name is Catalina; I joined my church’s Holy Childhood club when I was four years old. Every Saturday we have our meetings. There we pray the Mission Rosary with great joy; sing our Holy Childhood hymn and grow up together in faith. I dream of travelling the world as missionary one day. Every year we have a Holy Childhood celebration which our families come along to. We go to mass together, then sing and dance!’

Watch and listen as the children dance to their Holy Childhood hymn. It is sung is Spanish, the language of Argentina. The words remind us that together we are missionary children who sow peace and hope in people’s hearts.