Austria is a small country in the continent of Europe. Austria is a landlocked country and shares borders with eight countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. High mountain ranges, including the Alps, cover almost 70 percent of the country. Austria is also the most densely forested nation in Central Europe!

As well as the Alps, Austria is known for its famous composers such as Mozart, Hayden, and Schubert. Every year thousands of tourists visit Austria’s beautiful capital city, Vienna, located along the Danube River. Austrians love the outdoors and many children learn to ski or snowboard at a young age due to the location and the climate (in the winter temperatures can reach -10 degrees) which provides usually lots of snow in the higher lying regions in winter. 

The people of Austria are called Austrians and the laguage they speak is German. Austrian traditional culture and customs are influenced by the Catholic religion which is followed by the majority of the people. Austrians spend lots of time with their families, eating meals together in the evenings and visiting grandparents at the weekends.

As well as their family at home, Mission Together children in Austria also know that they belong to God’s global family too. Through prayer and sharing they support their brothers and sisters around the world who need help. The children of Austria even raise money for Mission Together by buying fair-trade chocolate! The hymn that you can listen to below reminds us that we all belong to God’s global family.