Bolivia is a country in the continent of South America. The west half of the country is overshadowed by the huge Andes mountains, with their snow-capped peaks. In the east there is the world’s largest rainforest – the Amazon. Humans have inhabited the land in Bolivia for thousands of years. During the 15th and 16th centuries, an ancient civilization called the Inca reigned over the region.

The people of Bolivia are called Bolivians and the language they speak is Spanish (there are another 36 indigenous languages spoken too). Most people in Bolivia are Christian and many Bolivian children are members of Mission Together groups, including the boys in the photo. Read the words below to find out about Mission Together in Bolivia.

“Hello friend, my name is Eduardo. Every week my friends and I go to the Mission Together club. There we get to know Jesus and pray for the other children in the world. In our group we visit the elderly, and at Christmas we put on a Nativity play. There is also time for playing, dancing and singing. We love making music! I like being part of Mission Together. It helps me to see that Jesus is my friend and guide. I want to make his life known to other children, so that they can try to love as Jesus did too.”