Brazil is a country in the continent of South America, it is the fifth largest nation in the world, bigger than Australia! Northern Brazil is dominated by the Amazon River and the jungle that surrounds it. The Amazon is not one river but hundreds of waterways, its total length is 4,250 miles. That’s seven times the length of the UK!

Most people in Brazil speak Portuguese. That’s because people from Portugal moved into Brazil in the 16th Century. Many of them made their home in Brazil and over time insisted that Brazilians stop speaking their own native languages and speak Portuguese instead.

In Brazil, Mission Together is called Missionary Childhood – in Portuguese the name is A Infância e Adolescência Missionária which is shortened to IAM. Tens of thousands of children in Brazil belong to IAM groups. Many join at the age of 4 and stay in their IAM groups until they reach 17!

Fabian is a member of his parish IAM group. Here are a few words he shared with us: ‘My name is Fabian, I am 8 years old and I was named after a friend of my mother who is a priest. Like him, I also want to become a priest one day when I grow up. I have been a member of IAM for three years. I go to meetings with other children in our parish hall. It’s great, because they teach us how to be good people and to talk about Jesus. We pray the missionary rosary for children around the world and our special IAM motto: “Of all the children in the world, always friends!” helps me to remember to love others as Jesus did.’

The film below shows members of IAM from across Brazil. They are sharing messages and prayers with one another. Notice that most are wearing a scarf showing the Mission Rosary colours. The scarf is a sign that each member belongs to IAM and belongs to God’s global family too.