Cuba is a country in the continent of South America, it is also the largest island in the Caribbean Sea. Cuba and its neighbours form the Greater Antilles, a chain of islands created millions of years ago when two of the Earth’s tectonic plates collided. Cuba is a long and narrow island. It stretches 1,200km from east to west, but it’s only 100km wide in most places.

High mountains and rolling hills cover about one third of Cuba, and the other two thirds of the island are lowland plains used mainly for farming. Cuba has many different habitats, from mountain forests to jungles and grasslands. There are even small deserts, too! These different ecosystems are home to unique plants and animals, some of which aren’t found anywhere else on Earth.

Most people in Cuba are Catholic and some teenagers in Cuba attend Missionary Leadership Training. During their training, teenagers learn how to share God’s love through prayer and service. They also volunteer at nursing homes, and at the end of their raining they are invited to speak about their faith in church, to a group of strangers! Do you think the missionary training helps give the teenagers courage and confidence to speak out in public?

As well as having confidence speaking about their faith, the children in the film below also have confidence singing about it! Listen to the children as they perform their unusual Mission Together hymn about their duty to share God’s love in the world.