France is a country in the continent of Europe. It is the most visited country in the world! That may be because it has a very beautiful and varied landscape.

France is one of the oldest nations on Earth. For hundreds of years people from across the world have chosen to live there. These deep and diverse influences have made France a world leader throughout history in nearly all aspects of culture, including cuisine, music, art, film, fashion, literature, and sports. We get an idea of this in the film below. Notice that the children are wearing traditional dress from different countries.

These children are Mission Together supporters. They are part of a Mission Together club at church. When they join the club they make a promise to pray a Hail Mary each day for a country in the world. They also pledge to give one euro a month to help the children of that country. Some give more, like siblings Baptise, Mahault, and Alexis; “We wash our parents’ car. We get 5 euros and give the money to Mission Together.”

Listen now as the children sing their Mission Together hymn. The words to the chorus are, “You are not too young to tell your friends about Jesus. You are not too young to pray and share.”