Kenya is a country on the east coast of the continent of Africa. Every year millions visit to see Kenya’s great savanna (flat land covered with tall grasses and bushes), and the animals that live there: elephants, lions, cheetahs, hippos, rhinos, and more.

Most people in Kenya live in the countryside and work on farms. Their wages are often very poor. Many children miss school as they must earn money to help their parents buy food. This was the situation for Eunice, until Mission Together helped some Religious Sisters to set up a feeding programme in Eunice’s school to provide the children with free meals.

There are many feeding programmes in Kenya’s schools supported by Mission Together children in Kenya. Mission Together parish youth groups also help children like Eunice to meet friends and grow in faith. Eunice says “Our group meets three times a week. We pray the rosary, visit the sick, do charity work, and sing in the church choir.”

Listen to Eunice and her friends as they say the Mission Together prayer together. Then watch as pupils in England share the same prayer together too. Could you learn the Mission Together prayer too?