Malawi is a small country in the continent of Africa and is called “The Warm Heart of Africa” because of the friendliness of the people who live there. Sadly, the people of Malawi face many challenges. Malawi is one of poorest countries in the world and droughts and floods are becoming more frequent, due to the effects of climate change. You can find out how Mission Together is helping the people in Malawi in the newsletter below.

People from Malawi are called Malawian and their official language is Chichewa and English. Many children in Malawi are members of Holy Childhood clubs. In Britain Holy Childhood is known as Mission Together. At their meetings, the children read stories from Bible, pray the Mission Rosary, learn worship songs and dances, plan ways to help people in their community, and share the little money they have to help other children around the world.

In the film below we can see some Holy Childhood children perform a special hymn which speaks about their mission to share God’s love. As you watch the film below, look out for the different ways the joy of Jesus and the love of God is shared.

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