Nigeria is a country in the continent of Africa. It is in west Africa and is sometimes called ‘the giant’, as its vast lands contain deserts, plains, swamps, jungles, mountains, and miles of tropical grasslands. Nigeria also contains many precious natural resources like oil, rubber, and cocoa. These have helped to make Nigeria the richest country in Africa, but sadly this money isn’t shared fairly

Nigeria is a country of great diversity with over 250 ethnic groups. Each of these groups have their own customs and language; many have been existence for thousands of years. The four largest groups are the Hausa, the Yoruba, the Igbo, and the Fulani. More people speak Hausa than any other language, although many Nigerians also speak English.

More people live in Nigeria than in any other country in Africa. Sadly, at least 60 percent of them live in poverty. The unfair dividing of the country’s wealth, as well as ethnic, political, and religious conflicts have caused great tension and trouble in Nigeria. A sign of hope are young people who are members of Holy Childhood (Mission Together) groups. In these groups children learn more about Jesus, read and reflect on the Bible together, take part in charitable activities, pray and play together.

In the film below, Nigerian children from a Holy Childhood group took part in a role play discussion to mark some important mission anniversaries. The children represented all members of the Church: a Bishop, a Priest, a Religious Sister and a parishioner. The sound isn’t so great, but hope you are as impressed by the children’s knowledge as we are!