Pakistan is a country in the continent of Asia. Northern Pakistan includes some of the highest mountains in the world. Western Pakistan is a very dry region of deserts and salt lakes. In the east the Indus River flows through fertile plains.

Most Pakistanis live in rural areas, though the population in Pakistan’s urban centres is growing. The people of Pakistan are a mixture of different groups that have come to the region over thousands of years.

Pakistan shares its early history with its neighbour India. For thousands of years Pakistan and India were not separate countries. Over these thousands of years Greeks, Turks, and other peoples invaded the region. In the 1850s the government of Great Britain took over the region until the mid-20th century.

In 1947, Britain divided India into two countries: Pakistan and India. The parts of India that had more Muslims became Pakistan. The parts with more Hindus became India. When the new boundaries were formed, many Muslims left India for Pakistan.

Today most people in Pakistan are Muslim, but there is a small population of Christians too. Some of these Christian children belong to Holy Childhood (Mission Together) groups. They meet in their church to learn more about Jesus, take part in activities and games, and pray together. You can see some children praying in Urdu, the official language of Pakistan.