Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a country in the continent of Oceania. It is one of the world’s least explored countries and many undiscovered plants and animals are thought to exist there. There are a number of active volcanoes near Papua New Guinea and eruptions are frequent. Earthquakes are also quite common, sometimes accompanied by tsunamis.

People from Papua New Guinea are called Papuans and their main language is Tok Pisin and English. About 80% of Papuans live in the countryside where there are many high and rugged mountains. The mountains make it difficult to build roads, houses, clinics, and schools. The landscape also makes it difficult for adults to find work. With no work, parents struggle to pay for their children’s schoolbooks, uniforms, and lunches. As a result, many children miss school.

Mission Together helps children to attend school in Papua New Guinea by providing books, stationery, uniforms, and school lunches. Some children in Papua New Guinea are members of Mission Together clubs. At their Mission Together meetings they learn how to care for God’s creation, they deepen their friendship with each other and with Jesus, and they pray for children around the world, that includes you!

Watch the film below as children from Papua New Guinea share gifts with one another at a special Mass. Listen carefully to the words of the song that is played in the background. What do you think the song’s main message?