The Philippines is an island country in the continent of Asia. It is an archipelago (arch-ipel-ago). An archipelago is a string of islands. The Philippines is made up of 7,100 islands! Although the Philippines has thousands of islands, only 2,000 have people living on them. The other islands are too remote and difficult to live in.

People from the Philippines are called Filipinos and the language spoken by most is Filipino or Tagalog. The Philippines is one of the most populated countries in the world! Sadly, many of the people who live in the Philippines are very poor. Some children miss school as they must earn money to help their parents buy food. Mission Together helps these children attend school by providing free school meals, school books, and stationary.

Many children in the Philippines are also members of Mission Together church groups. Mission Together is known as Holy Childhood in the Philippines. They meet together each week to learn more about Jesus, and to share his love with the world by praying the Mission Rosary and sharing the little they can to help other children overseas who have even less than they!

Listen to the message shared by the boy below. What does he say we all belong to?