South Sudan

South Sudan is a country in the continent of Africa. It is the youngest country in the world, as after many years of civil war South Sudan separated from whole of Sudan in 2011.

Although South Sudan is a landlocked country, the grand River Nile runs through the land, providing water for rain forests and rich grasslands that are home to many species of wildlife, including lions; leopards; and cheetahs.

South Sudan is among the poorest countries in the world. Many years of war caused great difficulties for the people. Because of the fighting many adults never had the chance to go to school and so never learned to read or write. That makes it even more important that children in South Sudan today are able to attend school.

Sadly, there is still fighting in parts of the country. Bishop Paride Taban, from South Sudan wanted to help. With support from charities like Mission Together, he built Kuron Peace Village where families could live safely and where children could go to school. The boys in the photo below all live in the Peace Village. Do they seem happy to be living in peace with their friends and family?