Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island country in the continent of Asia. Because Sri Lanka is near the Equator, it has warm weather year-round. The southwest receives heavy rainfall. This makes Sri Lanka very fertile. Many Sri Lankans live in villages and grow rice and other crops to feed their families. Tea, rubber trees, and coconuts are grown on large farms called plantations. Often the people who work on the plantations do not get paid well, many live in poverty.

The Sinhalese people make up nearly three-fourths of the population. They speak the Sinhala language and practice Buddhism. Tamils form the next-largest group. They speak Tamil, a language also spoken in southern India. The Tamils practice Hinduism, the main religion of India. Muslims make up Sri Lanka’s third major group. There is also a small group of Christians who try to share the love of God in Sri Lanka and beyond!

Through Mission Together, children in England and Wales have prayed and shared to help children in Sri Lanka go to school and stay healthy. In turn, children in Sri Lanka have helped others too. Every week they meet at church to pray and, although they and their families have little money themselves, they give a small coin worth 10 pence to Mission Together. Find out more about Mission Together in Sri Lanka in the resources and film below.

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