Taiwan is an island in the continent of Asia. It lies in the Pacific Ocean, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) from mainland China. Mountains and hills cover the eastern two-thirds of Taiwan. Low plains make up the western third of the island. The climate is warm and humid. Severe storms called typhoons often strike the island during the summer.

People from Taiwan are called Taiwanese. About 75 percent of the Taiwanese population live in cities and towns, mostly in the west of the Island. Taiwan is among the most densely populated countries in the world with almost 24,000,000 people living there. As a result, many of the cities are overcrowded.

With such a large population there are about 14 different ethnic groups in Taiwan, and each group has its own language. To unite the people, Mandarin Chinese is the official language. The main religions in Taiwan are Buddhism, Daoism, and an ethical way of living called Confucianism. Small groups of Christians and Muslims also live there. There is a small number of Mission Together (Holy Childhood) groups in Taiwan. Watch the film below to see and hear some children from one of the groups sing their special mission hymn.