Togo is a small country in the continent of Africa. Grasslands and scattered trees cover most of Togo. Tropical forests grow in the southwest. Most of Togo’s people are farmers. The main food crops include cassava, yams, and corn. Many people raise sheep, goats, and pigs. Farmers also produce coffee, cocoa, and cotton.

There are many different ethnic groups in Togo and up to 44 languages spoken in the country! An ethnic group means a group of people who share the same traditions, race, or nationality. So that all the people of Togo can speak together, the official language of the country is French. Official languages are used in countries where many different languages are spoken by the people.

Because many children will speak their ethnic language at home, in school they are taught French. Listen out for the following French words as the children below from Togo sing together their Mission Together hymn.

Sur la terre – on earth (terre = earth)

Les humains – people

Soutien – support

Enfants – children