Zambia is a large country in the continent of Africa, three times the size of Britain! Zambia is a landlocked country, meaning that it is surrounded by other countries. One of these countries is Zimbabwe, and on the border dividing Zambia and Zimbabwe lies Victoria Falls – one of the world’s largest and most beautiful waterfalls!

Although there is great beauty in Zambia there is also much poverty. The children in the film below are members of a Holy Childhood group. In Britain Holy Childhood is known as Mission Together.

The Mission Together group meets every Sunday. There the children learn how to be missionary disciples of Jesus. With their group leaders they visit the sick and elderly, pray the Mission Rosary, and learn hymns that they perform during their parish masses. Listen now to the children singing a hymn that encourages us to build a fairer world where all God’s children can grow healthy and happy.

On screen you will see the words ‘St Kizito, Pray for Us’ St Kizito was a young African boy and is the patron saint of children and primary schools.