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St Gabriel’s are sharing Good News

Article and photo from Year 4 Teacher Miss Stephanie McCann

On Wednesday 6th June, our Year 4 class at St. Gabriel’s enjoyed performing their class assembly to the school. They wanted to share with everyone the work they have done this term to celebrate their Religion topic of ‘Mission of the Church’ and what they have done to support our ‘Mission Together’ project over the year.

During the assembly, the children shared their beautiful acrostic poems for which they had chosen the words, ‘Mission’, ‘Together’ or ‘Sri Lanka’ to write about. They also worked as a class to produce a stunning piece of string art that shows all the continents in different colours after reading Mission Together’s prayers for the continents.

They sang of the importance of working together to help those in need and how a little kindness can go such a long way. They are now looking forward to celebrating Mission Together’s ‘Day of Many Colours’ on the 29th June.


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