Little Way Week 2018

Pupils from Our Lady of Lourdes, Birmingham, made a special effort to follow St Thérèse’ Little Way in October. This year they were just one of many schools to do so, as we had a great response to our annual commemoration of the Patron of Missionaries, St Thérèse of Lisieux.

St Thérèse was an early supporter of Mission Together (known in her day as the Holy Childhood Society), donating part of her pocket money every week and praying for the missions every day. From an early age Thérèse understood that God’s love is to be shared freely; a belief that shaped the rest of her life. Read more about St Thérèse and the Little Way Week here.

Next year we hope to build on our Little Way Week success by collaborating with Wednesday Word, a charity whose mission is to bring God’s Word into pupils’ homes and encourage families back into Church. This would have pleased Thérèse greatly.

Thank you to all schools who marked Little Way Week, even if in only a small way. We are conscious time in schools is limited and pressures are great. So it’s apt that we conclude with some encouraging words from St Thérèse herself.

‘Remember that nothing is small in the eyes of God. Do all that you do with love.’

PS Special thanks to Our Lady of Lourdes who allowed us to use this beautiful photo.


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