Together in Sri Lanka – an update

On Easter Sunday 2019, the world was shocked and saddened by the vicious attacks that took place in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. Many supporters will remember that this beautiful country provided the project focus for our 2017-18 school campaign. The campaign – to provide healthcare and food supplies to impoverished communities – featured Ajay, a ten-year-old boy who lives on a tea plantation in the remote Badulla highlands.

Budulla is 180 miles from Colombo. Thus the children featured in our campaign were far from danger. But the Catholic community in Sri Lanka is so small (6% of the population), that many Catholics in the country will know loved ones directly affected by the bombings.

Missio (Mission Together is the children’s branch of Missio) has for many years supported the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka. Through education, healthcare and pastoral programmes, our supporters have helped its disadvantaged communities to break cycles of poverty and promote social cohesion and justice. All vital in a country where 42% live on less than £1 a day and where many are still recovering from civil war and natural disasters.

Now the Church in Sri Lanka is again attempting to alleviate suffering and promote Christ’s message of mercy and love. A few days ago our National Director in Sri Lanka, Fr Basil (pictured with blast victims), explained the role Missio will play:

‘We are taking every opportunity to be of help and support to the affected, in every way possible. I am trying my best to launch programmes to provide immediate relief to children and families affected by the bombing and provide long-term trauma counselling and spiritual care to help victims and their families rebuild their lives.’

Please join with us in praying for prevailing peace in Sri Lanka. Perhaps you could ask your pupils to say the Mission Together Prayer, or recite the ‘Asia’ decade of the Mission Rosary.

If you would like to support Fr Basil’s programmes financially, you can do so via the Missio website and the yellow donation section ‘WNM’ where it is needed most>>



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