St Joseph’s Amazing Advent Offering!

On the first day of a new spring term, Mission Together was delighted to return to St Joseph’s Primary, Harrogate, to deliver a special ‘Thank You’ assembly following the schools’ brilliant Advent appeal.

Over the course of just four weeks, the school managed to raise over £1,000 for our Together in Jordan campaign. This fantastic total was the culmination of various fundraising drives and will be used to support the teaching and learning of pupils at the Marka School for Refugees, Jordan. Read more about Marka School here.

As the thank you assembly took place on 7th January, St Joseph’s pupils also learned about the great feast of the Epiphany and the lesson it teaches us about God’s welcome and love for all people. Pupils heard how in a special way – as children helping children – they continue to reveal God’s love in the world through sharing and prayer.

The assembly concluded with an appeal that pupils thank their parents, carers, and grandparents, for their part in our mission together – to share God’s love through practical help and pastoral care. Added to this is special thanks too to St Joseph’s staff, for their efforts in enabling such a generous response.

We will keep St Joseph’s Primary in our prayers and look forward to seeing you again to mark the Marian month of May. View our Marian resources here.

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