Teachers ideas

We’re always delighted to find out about the different ways our resources are used to support teaching and learning – and not just in RE!

Scroll down to view some ideas that teachers have shared with us recently. We hope you find them helpful. If you have similar tips, please contact us so we can share them too. 

Supporting Literacy: Class 5 teacher, Dan Jones set his pupils the task of writing and recording persuasive letters to encourage new Mission Together supporters. Dan explained: ‘When we saw the MT website and the plight of children around the world, we wanted to do something. We always try and make our writing for a purpose, and this really engaged and captured the imagination and attention of our caring and compassionate Year 5 and 6 children.‘ Dan’s pupils used Flipgrid to record their ideas. Then, with their understanding of Mission Together increased, they opted to fundraise for us! See examples of the pupils work below and click here to view an impressive report recording! 

Supporting Geography: In 2020, we added a Virtual Map to our website. We’re delighted to see how the map has been used not only to strengthen understanding of Universal Church, but also to support learning in geography.

In response, we’ve begun to add geographical facts to our country profiles. This is a work in progress, so thoughts on how to improve this resource are welcome.

Supporting Catholic Social Teaching: Thank you to ex Headteacher, Dawn Summers Breeze, who pointed out the strong CST links in our resources and then helped us develop a way of making these links available for discussion the classroom. You can download our first CST resource below. Suggestions to help us improve this and other CST resources are very welcome.

Supporting Languages: Back in October we were contacted by Lucy Chapman, Chaplain at St Martin’s Catholic College. Inspired by the international reach of our Mission Rosary, her students at St Martin’s had kindly recorded a decade of the Rosary using ten translations of the Hail Mary. All ten recordings are available to view here. Below is a preview.