Together in…

Our Together in... resources highlight some of our many projects supporting children across the world. Including an exploration of the country, customs, and an insight into the people Mission Together supports.

Our Together in... resources cover specific areas of the RE Curriculum Directory, support global learning, evidence Catholic Social Teaching, and provide links with other curriculum topics.

Our Together in… resources inspire children in England and Wales to work as members of God’s Global Family, sharing with and praying for their sisters and brothers across the world – children helping children.

Together in Malawi

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Together in South Africa

Johannes lives with 29 other children at St John’s. They are all cared for and loved by a special group of Missionary Sisters…

Together in Jordan

Sandra and her family fled Iraq and arrived in Jordan with nothing. The local Catholic community made it their mission to help.

Together in Sri Lanka

Ajay and his family are very poor. Sr Ruby brings nutrition and healthcare packs to the children and arranges for doctors and dentists to treat them.

Together in Kenya

Eunice’s family work on a coffee plantation. They work hard but only earn around £1 per day. Mission Together is helping to change things.

Together in Myanmar

Come and meet Nu Moe, a resident at one of the many boarding houses supported by Mission Together.

Together in Cambodia

In Phnom Penh, children of migrant workers were left at home alone every day while their parents went to work. Sister Eulie responded by founding the Lindalva Centre.