Together in South Africa

Johannes, resident at St John’s Care Centre (name changed).

Each year Mission Together highlights one of our many projects supporting children across the world. This year’s campaign focuses on Johannes, an eleven-year-old resident at St John’s Care Centre, South Africa.

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Johannes lives with 29 other children at St John’s. They are all cared for and loved by a special group of Missionary Sisters: Sr Denise, Sr Anece and Sr Fran.

Established by the Sisters in 1998, St John’s initially cared for adults infected by HIV-AIDS. Over time, their focus shifted to the care of children orphaned by the virus and/or living with HIV themselves. Since 2010 St John’s has been a centre solely for children.

St John’s children and Sisters Denise, Anece, and Fran (School Sisters of St Francis)

The Sisters provide the children with pastoral care and create a stable and loving home environment. The children learn that they are important members of God’s family with responsibility to love themselves, other people, and all God’s creation.

“If I’d not come here my life would have been totally different. Every day I wake up I thank God for my life. Living here, it’s wonderful. The Sisters made me look at life from a different perspective.”  Victor.

The children’s families are unable to contribute financially towards supporting the children so the Sisters need our help to provide residents like Johannes with the care, knowledge, and faith required to build a secure, happy and healthy future.

  • Can your pupils say the Mission Together Prayer for children like Johannes each day this term?
  • Can your class raise enough to help keep the children at St John’s Care Centre healthy and safe?

Your pupils can find out more about Johannes’ story, explore a map of South Africa and complete fun quizzes in our children’s newsletter, order free copies here. Teachers can find out more about St John’s project by downloading our Together in South Africa Project Information sheet, available below.

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